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Let us take care of your IT, while you take care of your business!!

Pro-IC offers a wide range of IT Support Services, below is a list of services of which most will be tailor made to suit your organization’s requirements. Kindly click on the desired option to learn more. 

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Onsite and Remote desktop support

Remote desktop support is becoming more and more on demand as it saves you time and money on travelling! We do however offer full on-site support and maintenance. Our engineers are trained to identify the root cause of the problem in order to prevent continuous disaster recovery.

Virus and Malware Removal and Prevention

We offer Antivirus and Anti Malware solutions by top vendors such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, ESet, Norton, Malwarebytes etc. Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Adware, etc. Viruses and Malware are more aggressive and evolving now than ever. Ransomware is the process of attacking your computer or server and encrypting all of your working data and documents with 448bit encryption, the same encryption as used by the FBI to protect their data from falling in the wrong hands, the attacker then holds access to your data for ransom until the ransom amount is paid by the end user, not certain if you will receive access to your data afterwards, and if not, your data is lost. Ransomware also attacks your data stored on locations such as network drives, external hard drives connected to your computer, and even data in Cloud locations such as Dropbox and Google Drive. There are methods to assist with the prevention Ransomware but usually it is as simple as clicking on a link in an e-mail to give hackers access to your computer and very few Antivirus applications will block this as it seems like a legitimate instruction, or the link in the e-mail includes a script which first disables your Antivirus software before it gives them access. This is why you need our Managed Cloud Backup Services and Virus protection to protect you from an event like this and if you do get infected one day, with the help of the Cloud Backup service we will have you back up and running in no time. 

In-House Workshop

Pro-IC comprise of a full in-house workshop, this is where all the repairs and services to computers, printers, notebooks, etc. which is too complex to perform on-site, gets done. We also offer computer upgrades, notebook LCD and Motherboard repairs, and Software Data Recovery in house. All of our other services such as Virus removal, software updates, printer service and repairs, etc. are all also available in house. 

Maintenance Agreements

Maintaining your computer equipment, servers, network equipment, printers and camera surveillance systems are of utmost importance if up-time is crucial to your business. Preventative maintenance is known to reduce IT technical work and cost by as much as 60%. Our Service Level Agreement customers can also enjoy priority service as well as discounted volume purchases.